08 May
Press Release

Climate change mitigation is paramount according to a team of researchers who suggested through a study that if steps aren’t taken then up to 60 per cent of wheat growing areas across the world could end up facing drought.

These droughts will be simultaneous, severe and prolonged and they are expected by the end of the century. The risk of widespread drought in wheat production areas is four times the level scientists see today, said authors of the study published in the journal Science Advances. Such droughts would be a shock to the food production system.

Given present-day weather patterns, severe drought could affect up to 15 percent of current wheat-growing areas, the study states. Researchers found that even if global warming is held to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the target of the Paris Agreement, up to 30 percent of global wheat production areas could see simultaneous drought.

For the study researchers analyzed 27 climate models, each of which had three different scenarios. The study found that historically, the total area affected by severe drought worldwide and food prices are closely related. More widespread drought has meant higher food prices in the past.

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