Press Release

At Hope Bilingual Academy, Nicaragua, help is welcome as the country faces tough times. 

There is a popular saying that “tall oaks grow from little acorns.” This aphorism is perfectly applicable to the Hope Bilingual Academy in Nicaragua. This school had very humble origins when it started some years ago, but it has continued to grow against the odds and is making an incredible impact on the lives of the people in the community. Successful entrepreneur, Ryan Bukevicz, who recently stepped up and contributed to help provide food and books for the students, aspires to help create greater awareness for the academy.

Understanding the Mission of the Hope Bilingual Academy 

The mission of this wonderful institution located in La Conception Masaya in Nicaragua is to offer the local people an opportunity for a better life. So far, this school is on the right track. The Hope Bilingual Academy is in the business of transforming lives, and this is evident from the positive impact the school has made on the lives of its present and former students. 

Child Education

In most parts of Nicaragua, the girl child is expected to get married early, have children, and look after the family. In essence, life for the girl child should be centered on domestic duties within the confines of the home. However, the Hope Bilingual Academy has been able to offer girls amazing opportunities. It is now possible for women to become lawyers, engineers, medical doctors, and university professors. In fact, some former students of this institution are already doing well in these professions. 

The School Needs Food and Water 

This school is located in a rural community with some students coming from humble backgrounds. In many instances, the parents cannot give them as much food as they need to survive. This is why the academy has embarked on a school feeding program for the students. There is a strong connection between nutrition and intellectual development, and children need a sound body to develop a sound mind. Now, this is where you can get involved. 

Water Well

Apart from food assistance, the Hope Bilingual Academy also has an acute need for clean and potable water for the students. Pure water is essential to health and longevity. So far, the academy has not been able to construct the well. With your assistance, they can achieve this goal.  

Vocational Training

The people behind the Hope Bilingual Academy know the importance of vocational training. This is why this school wants to offer vocational training to some of its students and pupils. 

At present, the vocational training project has not taken off yet but with your assistance and that of other well-meaning people, this dream can become a reality. The plan is to set up a carpentry workshop, tailoring shop, and computer repair center. You can help them achieve these goals by donating money or equipment. You can even volunteer if this is convenient for you. This way, you can put your skills to good use, and society will benefit from your skills and experience. 

Teachers and Volunteers

Nicaragua is a Spanish-speaking country, but we know the importance of English language as a major international language. We teach our students English because we know that this will give them international exposure. If you have the skills and the time, you can volunteer here as an English Language teacher. We will be eternally grateful to you, and the students will benefit from your expertise. Even volunteers and donors like Ryan Bukevicz are very helpful and go a long way that it “brings tears to my eyes,” according to Patricia Shronce of the Hope Bilingual Academy. 

Final Word from the Hope Bilingual Academy

By God’s grace, we are doing a good job here in La Conception Masaya. We believe we can do even more with your assistance, and this is why we are appealing to you to help us. God bless you as you assist us in this worthy project.

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